Play of the Light #4 - Until the Main Character Mentions George Clooney

Jason and Matt punted Deadly Premonition during the previous episode’s discussion, but do they catch it again in this one, and proceed to run with it for a good hour and a half.

Deadly Premonition was famously panned by reviewers upon its 2010 release, but managed to become a true sleeper hit over the ensuing months. Now widely considered a critical success, this bizarre but endearing game plays like a (wholly unauthorized) videogame adaptation of the American TV series Twin Peaks, albeit one that had a teleporter accident with Resident Evil 4.

In this episode of Play of the Light, the hosts examine how this game handles the issues of cross-medium adaptation, as well as the unique approaches it brings to the genre conventions of both detective stories and horror.

Please be aware that this episode contains significant spoilers regarding Deadly Premonition’s storyline.

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